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Sex Art

  • Popular SexArt - Morning In Bed - Leda

    SexArt - Morning In Bed - Leda

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    Hot Russian brunette Leda and her blond Belarusian beau Bran are having a “Morning In Bed,” fucking gently and tenderly but with smoldering intensity. It’s evident from the way they interact so lovingly that they are a real life couple.

  • SexArt - Zephyr

    SexArt - Zephyr

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    Emma Button and Miki Torrez frolic among the trees dressed in angelic white like woodland nymphs, as Andrej Lupin’s “Zephyr” begins. The title means ‘gentle breeze,’ and the movie starts in a light and airy mood as the girls

  • Popular Friends Part 2

    Friends Part 2

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    The concluding episode of Andrej Lupin’s two-parter “Friends” takes us to the other side of the courtyard as we retrace our steps through the streets of old Mallorca with Ricky, Anastazia, Stella Cox and Maxmilian Dior; only this time we

  • Girls Love Sex - Lily LaBeau

    Girls Love Sex - Lily LaBeau

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    Pretty, perky American starlet Lily LaBeau is a bundle of sexual energy. Her cute, cropped hairstyle suits her pixieish features perfectly, and she is tall and slender with pert breasts and a gorgeous firm ass. In this episode from the new season of &ldqu

  • Popular Friends Part 1

    Friends Part 1

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    Voyeurism proves to be a powerful aphrodisiac, as the first episode of Andrej Lupin’s hot two-parter “Friends” introduces two couples enjoying some sexy vacation time on the picturesque island of Mallorca. After hanging out and sightseei

  • Popular Day Off

    Day Off

    by Admin Added 117 Views / 0 Likes

    Sex kitten Kerry Cherry is clearing out the kitchen cupboards on her “Day Off,” with the help of her lover Matt Ice; but the way the Russian beauty giggles and flirts with her man suggest she may be easily distracted from her chores. Playful t

  • Volume


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    Sultry brunette Natty Mellow is checking out her stylish haircut as Andrej Lupin’s “Volume” opens. The wannabe rock chick settles down with her guitar, cranking it loud though she can barely play a note. The discordant racket irritates t

  • Popular Perfect Awakening

    Perfect Awakening

    by Admin Added 260 Views / 3 Likes

    Curvy raven-haired babe Dolly Diore brings breakfast to Tyler Nixon, but chooses to give him an even more “Perfect Awakening.” Slipping off her silk robe to reveal a sexy, form-hugging slip, the Hungarian hottie gets on the bed and pulls back

  • Popular SexArt - Girls Love Sex - Ashlyn Molloy

    SexArt - Girls Love Sex - Ashlyn Molloy

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    Willowy American redhead Ashlyn Molloy shares her sexual thoughts and experiences in the new season of “Girls Love Sex,” her pretty, freckled face animated as she opens up to the camera. “Ashlyn is fun, silly, and cute as a button,&rdquo

  • Popular SexArt-Dance With Me

    SexArt-Dance With Me

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    Slender blonde Nancy A is dancing to music on her phone, a smile illuminating her beautiful face as she gyrates her perky ass to the beat. Sexy brunette Ariadna is delighted to catch her in the act, giggling and blushing as Nancy invites her, “Dance

  • Popular Morning Surprise

    Morning Surprise

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    Morning Surprise -Meggie Marika & George Lee Still half asleep, sexy Meggie Marika starts her chores, shaking her sweet ass to the music on her headphones. The Czech cutie gets a “Morning Surprise” when George Lee creeps up behind her and

  • Popular Disclosure


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    Russian beauty Taissia A is masturbating in bed, oblivious to her roommate Zena Little’s presence, as Andrej Lupin’s study in sensuality “Disclosure” begins. Gorgeous Zena – making her SexArt debut here – watches avidly

  • Popular Take Care 2

    Take Care 2

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    Andrej Lupin’s “Take Care 2” reflects the sweet theme of the original, sharing a tender and intimate moment between lovers. Sexy starlet Chrissy Fox leans back in the bathtub to let Maxmilian Dior wash her hair, his fingers massaging her

  • Girls Love Sex - Natasha White And Sovereign Syre

    Girls Love Sex - Natasha White And Sovereign Syre

    by Admin Added 74 Views / 0 Likes

    The new season of “Girls Love Sex” encounters double trouble with sweet blonde Natasha White and sassy brunette Sovereign Syre. Brutally frank about sex from the get-go, the two babes spend as much time flirting with each other during their in

  • Popular Party Boat Part 3

    Party Boat Part 3

    by Admin Added 121 Views / 0 Likes

    The passengers of the “Party Boat” are still having a blast as episode three of Andrej Lupin’s uplifting and arousing series, shot on the vacation island of Mallorca, gets underway. Rosaline Rosa feels neglected when Matt Ice leaves her

  • Popular Perfect Day

    Perfect Day

    by Admin Added 361 Views / 0 Likes

    Taylor Sands and Maxmilian Dior are roller-skating along the Lanzarote seafront as “Perfect Day” begins, holding hands and flirting like any cute couple in love. Back at their vacation apartment, they drink wine and chat, the flirtatious eye c